At Elite Body Shop, our goal is to handle the hassle for you.

Our people have the tools and the knowhow to deliver the results you are looking for; quality repairs and outstanding customer service. We started out as a local shop but we since we joined Collision Solutions Network (CSN) we are now part of the largest collision repair association in Canada.

Ask us what we can do for you.

In-House Services

  • Full Collision Repair
  • Collision Mechanical
  • Theft & Vandalism Repair
  • Interior and Exterior Detailing
  • Tire Replacement, Mount and Balancing

Additional Services

  • Wheel Alignment
  • Glass Replacement
  • Dealership Warranty and Services
  • Wheel Repair
  • Upholstery Repair
  • Paintless Dent Removal

Elite Body Shop Wheel Alignment and Tire Repair Services

For wheel alignment, North Vancouver residents trust us to keep their vehicles running properly. Proper alignment will make your tires last longer, improves gas mileage and provides tighter handling to give you and your passengers a better ride. These services are particularly important after an accident as damage to your vehicle often alters its alignment. We will thoroughly assess your vehicle and conduct wheel alignment with the latest equipment to ensure that your wheels are within settings recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

When it comes to tire repair, North Vancouver residents also look to us for service. Unfortunately, flat tires are a common problem. Many can be easily repaired if you remove the tire as soon as a problem manifests itself. We have the latest products and tire repair equipment to dismount, mount, balance and repair the tire. Our technicians will swiftly find the puncture and patch it.

Tire Repair north vancouver
wheel alignment north vancouver

Wheel Alignment North Vancouver

Tire Repair North Vancouver

What our customers are saying...

"I brought to Elite my all black Lincoln MKX which I love and obsess over... Now it is better than before I took it in to them. I would recommend them to anybody, they are very kind and did a great job"

— John V.