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I've had an accident. What do I do?

Let’s assume you are now safe and you have exchanged information with the other driver (name, driver’s license number, insurance company name and policy number). Now you some decisions to make.

If you know for certain you are going to process a claim, call your insurance company. Have a pen, your insurance papers and your driver’s license handy.

If you are uncertain, call us (604.987.4408) to set up an appointment. Contact us to book an in-person estimate appointment -or- use the link below to schedule an online estimate.

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Do you offer replacement vehicles?

Yes. Our customers almost always require a replacement vehicle so we have a large fleet.

We may rent you a vehicle in certain situations. You will require a valid driver’s license and a credit card (used for a deposit only). With a few signatures we transfer your insurance onto our car and you are all set.

We also offer a convenient shuttle service.

What are the steps to getting my car repaired?

Putting your vehicle back to pre-accident condition is a complicated process with many steps. The key to an efficient, quality repair is to create a detailed estimate before the repairs are started. This way, delays for missing parts are minimized.

Once the estimate is approved and all the parts are on-site, your vehicle typically moves from the body department, to the paint department, to reassembly, mechanical, and then finally to the detail department where we make your vehicle sparkle again.

Throughout the process we keep you up-to-date with the status of your repair so you don’t have to worry.

See our process simplified in our 5 Simple Steps

What kind of turnaround can I expect?

While it is possible to complete minor repairs in a day or less, most vehicles are with us at Elite Body Shop for 3-5 days. We constantly monitor our processes and efficiencies to ensure we provide you with a quality result in the shortest time possible.

How do I deal with my insurance company/claim?

Insurance companies are in a competitive environment and they really want your business. If you call them and explain your situation in layperson’s terms, they will walk you through your options.

Before you call, have your driver’s license, insurance papers and details of the accident handy. At the end of the conversation you will be given a claim number and you are good to go.

Remember it is your vehicle and you can have it fixed by the body shop of your choice. At Elite Body Shop, we offer a lifetime national warranty on every vehicle we repair.

I’m stranded out of town. Can you help?

We are a proud local business but as part of the nation-wide CSN network, we have connections in communities across British Columbia and beyond to offer you support, wherever and whenever you need it.

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